Wednesday, August 18, 2010


This latex and acrylic on wood panel painting is called Femininity.  Measuring 24” x 12", the composition is composed of a swirling mass of both matte and shiny shapes that create a subtle contrast within the neutral metallics of the palette. The patterned painting is open for interpretation, but has a definitive femininity that speaks softly of sophistication and elegance.  The painting is framed in an aged metallic painted wooden frame, and it is equally lovely displayed either vertically or horizontally.

Creating this piece was enjoyable from start to finish!  While some pieces require a battle and must be conquered, this one seemed to flow from my fingertips.  The process was nearly effortless...and quite relaxing.  I'm reminded of that experience when I view it even now, and I hope it brings joy to all who observe it.

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Live a beautiful life! ~Kim P. Bartholomew

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